Instructions for setting up Outlook Office 2003

  1. Open your Outlook
  2. Under tools, click email accounts
  3. Click on your existing email account, then click on change or edit or setup a new account
  4. Use this screen shots below to reconfigure your settings using the proper email address and password that you received from us. Note: if your connectivity to the internet is DSL with SW Bell or AT&T you will have to contact them directly for special instructions for the outgoing SMTP server settings!
  5. Now click on "More Settings..."  in your first panel then use the following images to make sure all settings are set correctly.
  6. Save or OK the new configuration
  7. Now your new email account at the new hosting should work properly
  8. If you are experiencing problems, double check all the settings to the above images,
    if all appears to be set correctly, you can call 24/7 support 1-866-642-4678. Make sure that
    have your hosting password and security question prior to calling support.


Alternate for Email is our online Web Mail which can be checked 24/7 from any computer!

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your actual email in the E-mail Address box
  3. Enter your password in the password box
  4. Click Login and check and/or send email